Thursday, March 05, 2015

Quality French Food at Rendez-Vous Bangsar

Friday night meant date night with hubby and we are always in the lookout for new places to try. I recently read an article about the French owner who opened this restaurant Rendez-Vous at Bangsar so we decided to check it out.
The restaurant was easy to find, we used Google Maps to bring us there. It was easy to park and we identified the place easily thanks to all the photos and existing reviews of the place.
The ambience is simple and open air. It reminded me very much about the restaurants in Boracay island -- back when I was living in Manila and would often go to islands for holidays. I rarely get to sit in proper restaurants that have NO air conditioning and end up with the natural Kuala Lumpur air. The down side is you also hear all the buses and motor bikes that drive by -- which again brings back memories of life in Manila and the neighboring provinces / islands I have visited back in the Philippines -- very kampung-like setting. Yet here we are about to order French food in an island-type of setting... quite unique I would say.
They had very friendly waiters and some could speak French. They promptly came to explain the menu and specialties.
They have set menus available, as well as a la carte. The prices were reasonable for French cuisine. In a very informal setting like this, I guess they really meant to just get to the point -- which is good food sans all the drama (and snottiness as times) of French restaurants.
The positives of this place:
  • Prompt service and generous with their freshly-baked bread with butter
  • The seafood set which my husband ordered was super duper fresh 
  • Could order wine by the glass;  After our Perrier order, they also served plain water
  • The waited cautioned me against another starter a la carte which I almost ordered. He was thoughtful enough to reiterate that we have enough orders in hand
  • Easy to park 
  • My lamb order was too big for me, it was tasty. My menu was worth the money in terms of what came with it. Portions were more than enough for me and had to share dessert and the cheese platter with hubby
  • You will be well-equipped for the seafood gastronomy
The negatives:
  • No aircon -- evening dinner meant I was also the dinner for mosquitos
  • Noise pollution -- certain moments when a noisy motor bike passes by, I could barely hear my husband talking

This is the set menu I took. Photo of this taken from their website.

This is the set menu I took -- actual photo ;)

simplistic ambience inside Rendez-Vous

My salad mimosa
Hubby's appetizer before his seafood gastronomy
Tools for easy seafood gastronomy 

bread and butter
The Seafood Platter - some ingredients taken directly from France
About to begin...

Seafood platter up close -- no filter. Just all the goodness from the sea.

Close up !!!
a closer view of what's inside the seafood boat 

My dinner -- the lamb kebab was nice however was too big for me.

The cheese platter that came almost same time as our dessert -- I was too stuffed!

Apple dessert with ice cream. It was nice but not mind-blowing. 
If you want real authentic seafood style which French people enjoy in France, I would highly recommend you to try this place. Total bill for 2 pax with own meals, sparkling water and a glass of wine was about RM 350++. Sorry I don't have the photo of the bill as I couldn't find it anymore. I remember hubby mentioned the price to me on our way home from our French indulgence.

Rendez-Vous Bangsar 

100 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park KL

Very easy to park. Street parking available.

Loving Malaysia's Diversity (and Holidays)

We are going on our ninth year living in Kuala Lumpur. Thankfully, everything has been very smooth and we are loving every moment. We came to KL as newlyweds. Today, I have two wonderful kids, a supportive husband, great Malaysian friends and a treasure trove of memories from this beautiful city.

One of the things I appreciate most is the diverse culture that is found in one country. Unlike the Philippines where I grew up from, almost everyone had the same of the same things. To elaborate, I grew up in an environment where almost everyone I knew had the same religion, the same do's and don'ts of food, the same belief, the same ancestors, the same holidays (Christmas is *THE ULTIMATE* holiday) and so on... With Malaysia, I learned about the different beliefs and religions. About the different CAN and CANNOT's for food, being sensitive to the other person's religion and food preferences, and more.

I write this today as all my friends celebrate Chap Goh Meh, the last day of the Chinese New Year. Despite me being Chinese, we never really celebrated big time back in Manila. What mattered mostly was Christmas and then followed by New Year celebrations. Today as all my Chinese Malaysian friends go out for family dinners and restaurant celebrations -- in sharp contrast, I am in my pajamas in bed typing out my blog. Had a simple mushroom soup dinner with bread. It makes me reflect about the beauty of Malaysia's diversity. The population is divided into the 3 different races and its respective religions plus some bonus holidays. My own simple experience drives me to conclude that the major holidays (that is equivalent to my precious Christmas celebrations) would be Chinese New Year for the Chinese, Hari Raya Ramadan for Muslims, Deepavali for Indians, and Christmas for the Christians and Catholics. There are several other religious holidays (another wonderful thing about Malaysia!) -- however I would tend to say these jump out as major "christmas-like" frenzy with consumer spending and family gatherings. And of course, tons of food & over-eating.

The beauty of diversity also means they take turns in their celebrations. Which means the traffic of people rushing to restaurants and shopping malls is somehow divided to the respective holidays, unlike back home in Manila. Christmas is majorly C-R-A-Z-Y in terms of traffic -- be it on the streets, at the mall, at restaurants or anywhere else.

Diversity also means more holidays. Which of course if great for everyone.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Watercolour Cafe Mont Kiara Breakfast

Went on a run around the neighborhood with hubby before he left for his business trip. He has been practicing a lot his barefoot running and he did it again -- this time 7km run with me. I kept worrying he might step on something sharp. Thankfully everything went well and smooth. It was nice to bump into fellow runners that morning.

After our run, we went straight to Watercolour Cafe, which was on the way home. My last meal at that place was ages ago! We gave it a try many, many years ago. I was surprised to see it was newly renovated. The place was buzzing. Nice new ambience. And there were people that morning.

We gave their bread and muesli a try. Worth the money and the calories in my book. Especially also the location is quite ideal. For people who just want to walk out of their Mont Kiara condominiums and have a decent bread breakfast with egg -- this is the place!

Hubby running barefoot for 7km at Mont Kiara - Publika area
Nice new ambience

Some of their display

Bread , bread . bread!

More bread!

My brekkie

Hot chocolate yummy. Muesli scored well with my husband.

Outdoor Seats
RM40 for 2 pax breakfast with drinks

Watercolour Cafe
Mont' Kiara Meridin, 19, Jalan Duta Kiara, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-6207 8942

Jaslyn Cakes Revisiting Once Again @ Bangsar

This is a place that's worth the second visit for a dessert fan like myself. Wanted to come back and try the rest of the stuff. This round, I brought my family with me -- two young kids in tow.

For a weekend, I must say it's a bad idea to bring young kids to Jaslyn Cakes. Simply because there is very little space for them to move around. When we tried to sit outside, the ladies near us were smoking, so once again it didn't work out.

Lucky that after a short wait, we got seats inside. The place was filled with customers -- people like me who are there for some sweet indulgence.

This time, we tried 3 of their cakes, along with some tea.

In terms of ranking, I would rate it:

1. Must try the Cheesecake. It melts in your mouth.

2. The brownies are soft inside with a slight crunch only on the outside. Great for people who dislike those hard-type of brownies

3. Blondie - comes across a bit like salted caramel but brownie type. Can't describe. Loved it when I sampled the small pieces, however the piece I received that time was kind of on the hard side.

For dessert lovers, do stop by Jaslyn Cakes. Definitely you will be in wonderland.

Beautiful and quaint entrance

Soft Brownie

Tea and Cheesecake

Blondie and some tea

Little one enjoying a cup of milk

Jaslyn Cakes
Located in front of Antipodean and La Bodega
Jalan Telawi 2, BANGSAR

03-2202 2868

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Revisiting Yeast @ Bangsar Once Again for A Casual Lunch

Because mom and sis were in town, we decided to give Yeast a try -- this time lunch time on a weekday. It was busy for a normal weekday, which is always a good sign. Ambience reminds me again of our lunches in Paris -- a typical French bistro type which brings good memories. 

Ages ago when I last visited for a full meal, we saw some foreign staff, some French people mixed with locals. Our recent visit shows mostly local staff and some Filipinos. Perhaps it was the shift, or maybe they have changed staff already.

For the lunch meal -- worth going and thumbs up on my book. Duck confit -- I always have a weakness for duck stuff. Haven't had duck meat for a while -- so this tasted heavenly to me.

The pasta was also great Creamy and served very hot. This is my comfort food. I can imagine kids will also enjoy it.

We also ordered a "breakfast" item which was the Egg "Oeufs" Cocotte - a very French-y kind of way to eat your eggs. 2 eggs backed in a small bowl. Inside you will find it mixed with Smoked Duck, Gruyere Cheese and served with some toasted bread and a bit of side salad.

Cozy Environment for a quick catch up with friends
Oeufs "Egg" Cocotte 

Duck Confit

Creamy Pasta

Unlike my usual posts, I don't have the bill of this one. Was carried away by the conversation and bonding time with my family that I forgot to take a pic of it. My apologies as well for the poor lighting hence the poor photos for this post.

Meanwhile -- it's worth the visit especially if you want a little French flair!

Yeast Bistronomy

Jalan Telawi 2 , Bangsar - beside Antipodean and La Bodega.
Tel 03-22820118

Jaslyn Cakes at Bangsar: Lovely Desserts and Tea

I heard about this dessert place and was quickly curious about it, since I am such a dessert person. I have been trying to hold back on dessert for a while now -- to be healthier. However with the Christmas holidays and with my family visiting from Manila -- I couldn't resist giving in to a bite or two. Desserts are usually the weakness of women -- myself included. So I dived in.

Visit Jaslyn's Cakes at Bangsar. I heard it's newly opened recently, and they are doing very well in terms of foot traffic. It's right in front Antipodean (a cafe which I used to frequent when I was into tons of coffee). Easy to find -- however parking in Bangsar is as you know -- not that easy on certain days.

Upon entering the quaint little cafe, you will smell the aroma of freshly-baked goods. Ahhhh.....

There were tons of cake to choose from. We went with the easy and non-risky choice (plus of course I always have room for chocolate) -- tried out the brownies. Moist in the inside and slight (ever so slight) crisp on the outside. Went perfectly with our tea.

Service was okay -- since most of the folks are busy baking. When we ordered our tea -- they totally forgot about it and went about their baking. Had to call their attention, and immediately they attended to it. The ladies were friendly looking, and you can see that they are inexperienced perhaps with serving people -- though they definitely know their baking well. Give it a few months I am sure they will "sharpen the saw" and get into the rhythm of things. 

Their coffee -- forgettable. Latte wasn't hot enough. I guess it's not really a place for coffee critics. I had a sip of my sister's order and we both didn't enjoy it because it was a tad lukewarm to our liking. Plus points though for their beautiful cups -- both for tea and coffee. Definitely made the experience more worthwhile in terms of their beverage.

Desserts - definitely a keeper. Will visit again. Can't wait to try their other stuff. Smells heavenly. Will make room for exercise then indulge on some desserts. Do check them out! 

Beautiful Tea Cups 

Beautiful spread of desserts await!

Entrance of the quaint cafe

Open view - can see them baking cakes!!!

Bill for 3 pax. Tea is RM10. Coffee RM10. Brownie RM10.90

Jaslyn Cakes at Bangsar

Top View of our Indulgence

About to enter into Dessert Heaven!

Jaslyn Cakes
Jalan Telawi 2 - in front of La Bodega and Antipodean

Mont Kiara Condo For Rent: AMAN MONT KIARA

I moved out to a bigger unit and want to rent out our Aman Mont Kiara unit. It was a good home for us for several years. Had two kids there. Lots of luck in our life. Definitely a keeper. We hope to find a new family who can love it like their own. Walking distance to Mont Kiara International School, to One MK Mall (near grocery, H&M, etc) and accessible to restaurants, mini grocery and weekly market. 

1,668 sq ft
3 bedrooms plus 1 extra small room (helper/maid/storage)
3 toilets
1 balcony at living room, plus mini balcony at one of the bedrooms
Low Floor
Low Density & Resort Condo Living

Contact me if interested:

Aman Mont Kiara 1,668 sq ft unit for rental - low floor , with balcony

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Expat's View on the Latest Happening Places: Marini on 57th, Marble 8 and Strato Troika Sky Dining

December and January are festive months for my family. Christmas, New Year and my birthday celebration brought us to these fancy places in Kuala Lumpur.

I am glad that these new hip places are open and I purposely kept these places for this holiday season so that we can all check it out together as a family. My folks flew in from Manila and I wanted to show them some new places. They came to KL last year for the holidays and these new locations weren't open yet at that time. The new places didn't disappoint.

Sharing a picture summary. Hope it will help you make your own decision where to celebrate -- should you have a birthday, wedding anniversary or any special celebration coming up.

My youngest sister enjoying the balcony view at Troika Sky Dining
My family spending my birthday at Strato Troika Sky Dining
View from Marini's on the 57th (outdoor seats). The view was fantastic on a clear night.

The perfect spot for a quick picture, Friendly staff helped to take the pic!

Celebrated the first minute of my birthday at Marini's on the 57th

New Year's Eve at Marble 8. 

Superb view of the Twin Towers and the New Year's Eve celebration at Marble 8

Family time at Strato Troika Sky Dining. Pic taken post-lunch when we have devoured everything ;)
Me and my youngest sister at Strato Troika Sky Dining

Birthday lunch celebration at Troika - Strato 

My happy birthday at Strato. Great view for pics. Lighting was great also due to all the clear windows and perfect sunlight!

My lamb order at Strato. Didn't have time to take pics of the rest of the food. Sorry!

Overall, it was a good visit.

Marini's on the 57th - bring your guests here for a drink at night if you want the superb views of the tower up close. They also have an outdoor seating which has fresh air, nice place to chat and definitely a nice spot to have a souvenir picture even with a camera phone!

Marble 8 - after-dinner drinks will bring you wonderful views of the tower from afar. They also have outdoor seats which is great. I love the fresh air, as compared to being hauled up inside an air-conditioned room.

Strato at Troika Sky Dining - great for family lunches. Italian food that can be shared. Attentive service. Also I think on weekend lunches it is not too busy -- so if you want a special celebration with a view, this can be the place.

Marini's on the 57th 
Level 57 Menara 3 Petronas Tower KLCC, KL

Tip: Do not attempt to bring your kids to Marini's. There will be at least 3 changes of elevators, which is quite tedious if you have kids or baby strollers. This is adults-only affair in my view. Chairs and stools are all high. Great views of the twin tower up close. I have been there DAY and NIGHT time. Both won't disappoint. You can take great pics on the day time. While night time, the lighted-up view of the tower is superb. If you look up the tip of the tower at night you can see bats flying around it!

Marble 8
Lorong Kuda, 50450 KL
Phone:03-2386 6030

Tip: Very easy to get to this place. Just look for the main carpark entrance of Suria KLCC and you will see Marble 8 building already. Ample parking, love it. You can park at their open parking space easily. Preferably for adults only place. Great views of the twin towers from afar. Friendly Filipino staff.

Strato at Troika Sky Dining
Level 23A Tower B , The Troika , 19 Persiaran KLCC, 50450 KL
Tel. 03-21620886

Tip: easy to park at the basement carpark of Troika. If you have kids you can easily take elevators going up the lobby then change lift going up to the restaurants. They have 3 different concept restaurants at Troika.

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